Thursday, August 28, 2014

Toronto Needs to Take Action on Poverty!

Toronto needs to take serious steps to deal with our growing levels of poverty and inequality and its politicians need to stop paying mere lip service to doing something about it. Shocking and shameful statistics released recently show:

After gradually declining to 27 per cent in 2010 from a high of 32 per cent in 2004, the city’s child poverty rate has increased once again.

In some areas it’s much worse: 15 of Toronto’s 140 neighbourhoods have child poverty rates of 40 per cent or more, while 40 have poverty rates of 30 per cent or more.

In fact, among Canada’s 13 major cities, Toronto tied with Saint John, N.B., as having the highest poverty rate, according to the analysis of new Statistics Canada data by a coalition of social agencies.

A municipal living minimum wage, a serious affordable housing strategy and landlord licensing, fighting for fare free transit and to eliminate user fees; these are just a few of the initiatives Toronto needs to really do something to change this unacceptable situation. 

What Toronto does not need is more platitudes, studies and committees! It needs action.

As part of my campaign for real change and action at City Hall, on August 28, 2014 I signed the "Action on Poverty Candidate's Pledge" of the Alliance for a Poverty-Free Toronto.

Together, we can end poverty in our communities and neighbourhoods! 

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