Sunday, July 20, 2014

99 days to go!

99 days to go until the election! 

Since January 3rd we have been campaigning on a platform of real change and optimism and on ideas like free transit, municipal minimum wages, landlord licensing & more! 

Together we can build and work towards these real alternatives and changes, despite what the do-nothing politicians say...and we know this because it is happening elsewhere!

You can read my opening campaign statement here:

To find out about my free transit policy and how it is achievable you can visit my transit page here: 

To read about my $15 an hour municipal minimum wage and how other cities are doing it, check out this page:

Want to know about my housing policy and landlord licensing?:

Or about my income pledge and my plans to work for a more democratic city hall?:

All of my other platform ideas can be found at the top of this webpage, and if you have any ideas or questions you can contact me at any time or come out to one of my monthly events.

99 days to go! Let's use them to fight together for a Toronto built on economic justice and comprehensive public services!

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