Friday, March 14, 2014

Bringing an anti-austerity program of social justice, public services & higher wages to Ward 6

Our first election leaflet is in! I am very proud of this first campaign piece and want to thank all of my friends and supporters for their input, corrections and advice in the process of putting this together.

It would not have happened without you!

We want to get the first batch of these out to Ward 6 over the next few days and then print another round.

Bringing directly to the community an anti-austerity message of hope centred around:

- Public services, higher wages and fighting for a $15 an hour minimum wage
-The expansion of transit and the fight for FREE transit
-Housing and landlord licensing
-Police accountability
-Democratizing City Hall

And much more!

You can read the campaign manifesto here:

I also need your help to get this message out. If you can distribute the piece where you live in the ward or can come out to help distribute it...please let me know! And if you can make a financial contribution to help pay for this and future pieces it will be greatly appreciated and put to immediate use. Any amount helps. $25, $50 or whatever is possible.

Contributions of $25 or more are eligible for a rebate. Contributions of less than that can be made, but are not eligible.
For full details on donating please visit:

Thanks to everyone who has donated and thanks again to everyone for their help and input.

I am looking forward to our campaign over the coming months!

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